Maximum Results For the Effort: e-Commerce Strategies to Canada

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 3.53.21 PMIn tennis, the sweet spot is where a combination of factors results in maximum response for a given amount of effort. The sweet spot is the best place on the racquet face for impact with the ball; the spot at which the strike absorbs the full amount of the forward momentum and rebounds from the racket with a greater velocity than if struck at any other point.

Tennis racquets have two sweet spots; if a ball impacts at either, the force transmitted to the hand is sufficiently small, reducing rotation and vibration, while maximizing power.

For e-commerce e-tailers to Canada, finding your ‘sweet spot’ is equally important. As goods cross an international border, planning is necessary to optimize northbound shipments with the aim of directing them exactly where you want them to go with speed and accuracy, at low cost.

  • Do you have an international e-Commerce coach you can work with?
  • A Canadian pro who ensures success with the best of possible options?

Step on to the court with an experienced player in e-commerce; BILSI has efficient, cost effective solutions for e-tailers who strive to ‘up their game ‘- gain access or increase market share in the Canadian marketplace.

As a licensed Customs broker, we back you with experienced staff, web services and strategic affiliations enabling strategies for real time, direct to door pricing for your Canadian clients with no hidden fees, or COD charges. Our solutions manage border processes, increase client satisfaction levels and find the “Sweet Spot” with your customers.

Our coaching methods yield results:

  • BILSI reveals the most cost efficient routing for your client’s order by offering carrier choices & taking advantage of their networks, strengths and capabilities.
  • Enable tracking progress directly without tying up your resources, through a BILSI provided tracking number (or your own order reference).
  • Cut costs by consolidating freight into one shipment and zone skip straight to Canadian induction points.
  • Yield significant savings through combining and submitting customs entries as one.
  • Access great domestic shipping rates from various induction points to all of Canada.
  • Provide service to your client’s door with no hidden or extra charges – no surprises!
  • Easy reverse logistics – with all the pieces – consolidation point and transportation method for authorized returns; verification/sorting & preparing export docs – for returns sent back to you or your vendor – eliminate this typical revenue drag.


Don’t fault or drop the ball – Maximize power from minimum effort; hire an experienced coach. Our playbook is fast, efficient, effective movement of your products; hassle free customs clearance coupled with cost-effective transportation management for your shipments to Canada.

Find your “Sweet Spot” today – To access more information, please contact a BILSI representative at

(905) 606-2222, or at

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