Avoid Negative Social Media With Your e-Commerce Strategy to Canada

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More than ever before, the internet offers visibility to almost everything; good and bad. Customers experiencing a less than optimal e-commerce purchase/experience have an effective weapon at hand – the post of an unflattering online review.

Consumer surveys indicate a high percentage of potential customers ‘always’ or ‘often’ used online reviews to assess a company before an e-commerce purchase.

2015 Key Findings:

  • 88% have read reviews to determine the quality of a business (vs. 85% in 2013)
  • 39% read reviews on a regular basis (vs. 32% in 2013)
  • Only 12% do not read reviews (vs. 15% in 2013)

For 7 out of 10 consumers, positive reviews inspire trust, highlighting just how important they are for a business, and it’s clear that reputation management is something that cannot be ignored. Negative reviews will directly affect customer acquisition and, in turn, company revenue.

Any way you look at it, online consumer reviews and complaints posted on social media are not going away. Your company has to embrace the idea that your customers are going to post about their experience with you online and your aim should be to deliver the highest level of customer service possible.

Consider your e-commerce techniques

Take your e-commerce approach to Canada for instance and evaluate it to determine if your risk is high for negative social media exposure; ask your self some key questions:

  1. Do you “abandon” goods into Canada – not caring to know the process?
  2. Do you ship to the border without covering off or mentioning border fees?
  3. Do you leave your customer on their own to arrange the clearance transaction?
  4. Do you use couriers to deliver to their door without indicating additional border costs?


Using the above strategies can quickly attract “unfavorable” comment in social media; this is because:

  • Missing an agent to cover off border formalities can leave your customer scratching their head or facing a long drive to the border to take care of that clearance.
  • Unexpected COD fees at the customer’s door can quickly turn that deal into a dud.
  • Not paying the fees means the customer does not get the product.

To solve this dilemma, you must select a capable, experienced shipping partner/border agent that offers an e-commerce method that provides transparency to the border fees up front at the shopping cart stage. A trusted/reliable customs broker/3PL saves time and manages shipping details & customs requirements while handling trade regulations daily.

The Take Away

Staying out of negative social media is easy; it’s finding the right partner who has the technology, capability and experience to assist with trans-border trade.

BILSI can optimize your freight/customs spend, assist with intelligent importing options that fit your business and support with expert guidance, technology, cash flow and flexible resources.

When executed skillfully; e-commerce models for US based business can be executed without a costly investment in infrastructure, provide a rapid implementation and help keep you out of negative social media.

Contact BILSI today;

info@bilsi.com   www.BILSI.com


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