e-Commerce Sales to Canada – Attain Performance, Speed, Agility, Value & Thrift

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Today’s performance cars really have it all – performance, speed, agility, value for money and thanks to technology, both emerging and otherwise; actually include sensible amounts of fiscal restraint as part of the equation. It’s not all about gobs of horsepower and torque, although it’s about that too.

The Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4.churns out 1,200 hp from its 8.0L mill and stands alone as the most powerful production car ever built, but today there are a selection of mega-horsepower hybrid supercars that merge gas and electric power, combining all the desired attributes.

Cars like the 963hp Ferrari LaFerrari; 903hp McLaren P1 and 795hp Porsche 918 Spyder; all offer huge horsepower, but are more fuel-efficient and safer than years past. The new era of lofty horsepower is not limited to million-dollar supercars either, witness the trickle-down effect.

Consider the Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcat twins; both around $60K, brewing 707 hp from supercharged 6.2L V8’s. Not only do the Hellcats have twice the horsepower of their muscle car ancestors, they can be driven twice as far until you have to fill up, allowing you to truly “have it all.”

The analogy of “having it all” can be applied to just about any situation; let’s consider the international strategies of e-tailers who sell on-line product to the Canadian marketplace.

There was a time when approaches to importing and border processing were clouded in mystique. Delays and inefficiencies were the order of the day and other than those who worked in the industry and directly understood the process, it appeared to be fraught with complication.

Those days are long past; today’s e-tailer really can “have it all” through finding the right business match that compliments their business. This is possible through a capable, experienced shipping partner/border agent that has the right blend of technology, flexibility and resources; a trusted/reliable customs broker/3PL saves time and manages shipping details & customs requirements while handling trade regulations daily.

You truly can “have it all” – performance, speed, agility, value & thrift:

  • Enable complete customer visibility – offer all charges at the shopping cart stage of the order & provide tracking and tracing for all shipments – Performance
  • Access reasonable domestic small parcel rates from various induction points to all of Canada – Performance, Value & Thrift
  • Speed transit and cut costs by consolidating freight from the US to Canadian induction points – Speed, Value & Thrift
  • Yield significant savings through amalgamating, preparing and submitting customs entries as one – Value & Thrift
  • Receive innovative, superior customs advice, education and service – Agility & Value
  • Consider reverse logistics services, a consolidation point and transportation method for authorized returns; verification/sorting & preparing export documentation on returns sent back to you or your vendor – eliminate returns being a revenue drag – Agility & Value

The Take Away

Achieve performance, speed, agility, value & thrift by working with the right partner who has the technology, capability and experience to assist you with your daily trans-border trade needs.

BILSI can optimize your freight/customs spend, assist with intelligent importing options that fit your business and support with expert guidance, technology, cash flow and flexible resources.

When executed skillfully; e-commerce models for US based business can be executed without a costly investment in infrastructure, provide a rapid implementation and help you “have it all.”

Contact BILSI today;

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